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Getting the band back together!

We're getting the band back together! To celebrate my 37th Birthday, I'm getting the band back together this Wednesday (July 3) for a ONE OFF special open air concert at the Freilichtbühne in Mülheim an der Ruhr. I'll be joined on stage by Luuk Adams, Judith Renkema, and the heavenly harmonies of Sanne Groefsema & Robin van Veen. Hope to see you there for this special reunion gig!


Collaboration with Coby Grant - New Release!

Good Morning!

I'm happy to share with you a new video and single that I co-wrote with my good friend and Australian Singer-Songwriter, Coby Grant.

Coby and I had talked for a while about collaborating together and when Coby called and said she was looking for new songs for her soon to be released album, I suggested we get together  in my studio in Duisburg Germany to do a bit of writing. After a day of collaborating our track 'All These Years' was born! We liked the track so much that we wanted to quickly capture the song while it was still fresh. With all that fresh energy running through our veins we jumped into the studio and captured the track as you can hear it today!

I'm playing the acoustic and electric guitar on the single and you can hear me singing along with Coby in the chorus. I hope you like the track as much as we enjoyed making it.  

Festivals & Concerts in May 2018

There are some great festivals and concerts coming up in May that I am very much looking forward to.

Firstly, and most exciting, I will be playing a few shows with my brand new band members this May which is a very nice feeling. I have the pleasure of working with three great musicians from Munich, Lukas Häfner (guitar), Bernhard Pricha (Percussion/Drums) and Sebastian Giek (Bass). I will post more about this later and introduce the new guys to you! 

We will 'kick things off' with a small warm up show in Dachau at Cafe Gramsci on 17th May before heading to Fürth a few days later to perform on the open stage at the 19 Fürther New Orleans Festival on Sunday 20th May.

25th May I'll continue on my way with a string of Solo Concerts at Blue Note in Wolfenbüttel, Then head north to play at the Ahrensburger Musicnacht Festival on the 26th May with my friends Belle Roscoe, Joel Havea Trio and Steve Baker.

The shows in May will conclude on the 31st with yet another wonderful festival Music aus Alle Welt in the magical Evangelische Kirche Flierich with Diane Ponzio, Stuart Rose & Silent Roots.



Today my new music video ALL MY HOPE IS GONE is released on Youtube!

Shot over 6 hours in a video studio in Oberhausen Germany, the production and camera work was done by my good friend Alexander Schroer and his brother Patrick and was a lot of fun to shoot.

Luuk Adams joined me on Drums to provide the back beat for the shoot and the end result is fun and cool. The song of course is featured on my most recent album BACK ROAD. I hope you like it!

Kicking Off 2017 Down Under!

As the cold winter sets in, its the perfect time to fly south and play some shows in Australia.

In January I'll be teaming up with my buddy Prita Grealy to play handful of shows in Western Australia. I will also be performing a few solo shows on the tour as well as a one off Melbourne concert at the Drunken Poet.

I look forward to catching up with some of my Australian pals and getting some sun before I head back to Europe.

Hope to see you at a show.


New Album - The Making of...

Its been an incredibly rewarding two weeks and I'm so proud of my band! Since November 1st Leon den Engelse, Judith Renkema, Luuk Adams and I have been recording day and night in a old Germany Fachwerkhaus near Bremerhaven.

Together we have been making what will eventually be my 5th Studio album.
Ever since I can remember I've always dreamed of engineering and producing my own album. Over the years I've dabbled a bit, recording vocals, horns and Guitars on my 4th album 'Turn Me Around', and other bits and pieces on previous albums.

However, after recording 'Up All Night' in 2015 with a Germany Pop Producer, I decided that for my 5th Studio album I wanted to take the creative process back into my own hands. Over the last two weeks I have realized that dream.

The band and I have worked tirelessly tracking the album utilizing our own funds, gear, time and creativity, and very soon we will endeavor to continue the very important next stage: mixing, mastering, artwork, pressing and promotion - and of course - the release... So..... stay Tuned!!! Exciting news awaits...

Fachwerkhaus (old german house) where Jaimi Faulkner Band recorded.

Fachwerkhaus (old german house) where Jaimi Faulkner Band recorded.

Day 9 - European Fall Tour

The first gig we ever played together in this incarnation of the Jaimi Faulkner Band in Europe was at the Bischofsmühle in Hildesheim. So it was a little nostalgic to come back there to perform tonight.

Day 8 - European Fall Tour

It was the first time we have played at the Tube in Düsseldorf, but damn, what a great venue and what an amazing crowd! 

I think this would have to be the most energised crowd we have played to in some time and as is often the case, when the audience has energy, the band seems to find another gear. Wednesday night was a hot, sweaty, crowded room full of some familiar faces and some new audience too. One this is for sure, we are already looking forward to coming back to Düsseldorf!

Day 7 - European Fall Tour

It was a Tuesday night in Frankfurt, so to be honest, I didn't really know what to expect. A Tuesday is probably one of the hardest nights to get people to a show, especially as the weather is starting to get greyer and the nights colder.

But to our pleasant surprised we had a decent little turnout to see us play our set at the Ponyhof.

Jaimi Faulkner Band & Support act Belle Roscoe at the Ponyhof in Frankfurt.

Jaimi Faulkner Band & Support act Belle Roscoe at the Ponyhof in Frankfurt.

Day 6 - European Fall Tour

I am well and truly grateful for a day off today to catch up on some much needed rest and to get some behind the scenes logistics taken care of.

Yesterday afternoon we performed at a blues festival at the Pop Podium de Flux in Zaandam, The Netherlands. We played a power-hour Rock'n'Roll set and had a brilliant gig. Judith Renkema was unavailable to perform the show so our good friend Bas Nuiver stepped in and brought some new energy to the band. It was our fourth show with Bas filling in for Judith and its always great to have him with us on the road.

After the show I received some nice comments about the new songs that we played in the set and with the evening free, we drove back to the band house in Tilburg to eat a bit of dinner, drink some wine and jump into bed early to get some well deserved rest.

Day 5 - European Fall Tour

Day five of the European Fall Tour was all about an acoustic guitars, stories and songwriting workshops in Viernheim, Germany.

Belle Roscoe and I spent two hours in the afternoon giving a songwriting workshop to some local artists who where interested in hearing about our songwriting process. It was a lovely afternoon and I must admit, hearing how everyone else goes about their songwriting was as inspiring to me as it hopefully was for them.

Later that evening we played to wonderful listening audience. It was one of those nights where you could hear a pin drop in the room. Nights like these are an absolute joy as a musician!

So far so good, the tour is going great. Tomorrow we are off to Zaandam, The Netherlands for a Jaimi Faulkner Band show.

Day 4 - European Fall Tour

After a day off where Jaimi made a dash to the airport to pick up the European Fall Tour opening act (Belle Roscoe) we got an early start and made our way to Bergheim to perform at the Medio Rhein Erft.

Belle Roscoe were in fine form as they played a beautful opening set - their first ever on German soil.

The Jaimi Faulkner band where also in fine form, playing for over an hour and a half with a few new songs included in the set.

Day 2 - European Fall Tour

Getting set up and ready at the Rathausscheune in Thedinghausen Germany. This old Barn dates back to the early 1800s and has some serious vibe!

We had a great show tonight night, the old barn sounded amazing and we ended up playing for around 2 hours with 2 encores!

Rathausscheune Thedinghausen. Setting up for our show in the old Rathausscheune that dates back to early 1800s.

Rathausscheune Thedinghausen. Setting up for our show in the old Rathausscheune that dates back to early 1800s.

DVD - Live at the Beusichem Theatre

***HOT OFF THE PRESS*** Jaimi Faulkner LIVE DVD now available!!

Recorded over one night at the Beusichem Theatre in the Netherlands, this DVD contains 17 Live Jaimi Faulkner tracks as well as in depth interviews and behind the scenes footage with the artist. Limited Run of 1000 pieces. Available direct from my online STORE or at Gigs.