Jaimi Faulkner

Australian Singer / Songwriter / Guitarist

House Concerts

There's something really organic and natural about performing in someones home. It just feels right!

Long before we had to trudge through the waters of promoters, agents, managers and clubs, musicians would simply sit around and play their songs and tell stories wherever people would listen; under a starlit sky, next to a raging fire or in someones home.

This year I've had the pleasure of playing quite a few house concerts all over the world. I've played house concerts in Western Australia, in the Netherlands, Belgium and in Germany. I've played on people balconies, peoples kitchens and in their lounge-rooms. I've played house concerts to as little as 15 people and I've played house concerts to as many as 80. One thing is for sure, I always leave a house concert feeling fulfilled and with a sense that I've just been apart of something very special.

Shamrockraver Photography - Livia Vaduva

A house concert is a wonderfully informal way to bring people together. Everyone arrives with the initial intention of hearing an artist perform and tell their stories. But a house concert seems to always evolve and become more than that.

It's almost always an opportunity for people from different walks of life, different age groups, ethnicities to get together, to mingle and tell their own stories, to feel that collectively they have witnessed something special, something secret, that only they are privy to.

People may arrive thinking they are simply going to hear an artist play some music, however by the end of the evening people leave feeling part of a community, with new stories to tell, new friendships forged and almost always with big smiles on their faces as they drift off to their respective homes.

If you'd like to host a house concert with me or one of your favourite artists, don't hesitate to get in touch with us... chances are, we'll jump at the chance.