Jaimi Faulkner

Australian Singer / Songwriter / Guitarist

Der Sänger überzeugt vor allem als ein Virtuose an der Gitarre, seine Texte gefühlvoll, fast fragil
— Berliner Zeitung

Photo: Martin Huch


Mix great song-writing, incredible guitar playing, a warm soulful voice and irresistible live performance and you’ll get Jaimi Faulkner, a young multi-talented Australian. With just his guitar, a stomp box and his voice, Faulkner mixes different musical styles and creates one that is uniquely his own.
After posting a cover of CRO’s Einmal Um Die Welt in late 2013, Faulkner gained the attention of famous German Hip-Hop producer Ralf Mayer (Clueso, Fantastische 4, Marc Forster). Faulkner and Mayer connected and after a day of talking about music, the idea of making an album together was born. The concept of working with a Hip Hop producer intrigued Faulkner and after playing Mayer some early demos, Mayer decided the best place to capture the sound and essence of the album was to record in the hills of Motril Spain at Gismo 7 Studios. The end result is Faulkner’s latest musical offering, Up All Night. ‘Ralf was really adamant that to capture the up-tempo nature of the music we had to escape the grey of Berlin and head somewhere where the sun is always shining. Motril in Spain was a great choice.’
Up All Night is Faulkner’s first album featuring his European band. The album, whilst up-tempo in nature, deals with the issues of love, loss and heartache as well as delving into the issues of the world’s growing social divide.  ‘There are a lot of songs on this record written from the voice of someone else. I spent a lot of time over the last year, reading about world events and becoming increasing dismayed at the growing social divide.  Songs on the album like Up All night and It Ain’t Easy explore what every day life is like for those struggling to get by.’
Up All Night also features an intimate duet with Sarah Bettens (K’s Choice) on the track Lost Love that they co-wrote in the winter of 2013. ‘It was a cold winters evening in 2013 when we first got together in Sarah’s Studio in Belgium. We seemed to click immediately and within two hours of writing we had finished the song Lost Love which is probably the most raw and intimate song on the album’
The album was not always easy going however, and there were setbacks along the way. ‘After setting up in Spain my drummer suffered some serious health problems and late on the second evening before we had even recorded a note, he was rushed to hospital where he stayed for a few days. It was a pretty stressful time. Obviously we were really concerned about his wellbeing, as well as being very aware that we might have to postpone the making of the album to another time. But luckily for him and for the album, he recovered quickly and after a few days recovering in the Spanish sun, he was ready to get back into the studio.  
Up All Night is Faulkner’s fourth studio album.  Brought up on a diet rich in Blues, Country, Soul and Folk music, Faulkner learned to play guitar on his father’s old beaten up nylon string guitar. In his teens, Faulkner started to write his own songs and combined his interest in pop music with influences from his childhood. At the age of 21 he released his first album Last Light, which debuted at No. 5 on the Australian Rhythms Magazine Charts where it held its position for four months. Music agents in Australia noticed his talent and invited him to support the late Chris Whitley in 2005.
With the success of Last Light, still fresh, Jaimi hit both international and local highways, playing more than 200 shows a year. These included performances at the American Juke Joint Festival in Clarksdale, Mississippi, playing with the legendary Big Jack Johnson.
In 2008, Jaimi won the prestigious Australian Blues/Roots Performer Of The Year Award and was awarded the opportunity to represent Australia at the International Blues Challenge in Memphis, Tennessee. Back home his reputation continued to rise with further invitations to support Chris Isaak and Jeff Martin (The Tea Party) on their Australian Tours.

In 2009, after returning from the U.S, Jaimi recorded and released his second studio album Kiss & Ride. Folk, Blues and Soul influences feature heavily on this album and early in 2010 Jaimi was awarded Song Of The Year at Australia’s prestigious M.B.A.S. awards night for his single Highway Life from the same album.
With just one suitcase and his trusty Maton acoustic guitar by his side, Jaimi relocated from his hometown of Melbourne to the bursting arts hub of Berlin. Having secured a Dutch and German booking agent, Jaimi left his Australian band behind and hit the road alone, performing as a solo artist. By the end of 2010, he had performed in many German and Dutch venues, begun to appear on Dutch national radio and opened for The Holmes Brothers, Tom Dice, Rory Block, Tina Dico and Guy Forsyth.
Faulkner continued his rigorous touring schedule in 2011, performing at big festivals, sharing sold out stages alongside famous Dutch soul singer Waylon and British singer-songwriter Jon Allen, as well as two big German-Austrian tours opening for eighties pop royalty Paul Young, and later that year for U.S singer Vonda Shepard (Ally McBeal). Faulker’s live performance and growing reputation was recognised by respected music magazine OOR: ‘whoever sees Faulkner on stage is immediately sold. Faulkner is going to be big’.  
Jaimi released his first European release on V2 Records in the Benelux in May 2013; Turn Me Around was very well received in The Netherlands, where it peaked on the Dutch Alternative music charts at number 1 and the overall music charts at number 33.
On the back of the albums success, Faulkner was invited to perform on national Radio 1, Radio 2, Radio 6 and even national TV, RTL 4’s Koffietijd. The most prestigious of invitations coming from famous 3FM DJ Giel Beelen who invited Faulkner to perform his song In My Fathers Boots during drive time to over 1 million listeners. Giel declaring on the show ‘Oh man, I love your sound… What fantastic guitar playing, what a magnificent voice.’
Success also followed shortly after in Germany with Faulkner appearing on prime time National TV(Morgenmagazine) and being invited on a European tour opening for UK popstar Tom Odell.
Faulkner’s new release Up All Night will be released on March 13th 2015 on Marx Capital Records and a subsequent tour will take him through Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Belgium and The Netherlands from the March 17th until April 3rd.